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“After printing my typing certificate I just want you to know how much I appreciate your typing site. I found it user friendly and very reasonably priced. And I truly enjoyed the free practice test.”
--Carmen, S ( age 34). Sydney, Australia.

*Full name not used as a privacy measure for this client


Date Tuesday 10.30am.
From the Desk of Ian Hewitt
The World’s First and Most Respected Online Typing Expert.

“The only Typing Specialist on the Internet that guarantees quick, results for job seekers or you money back.”

Dear Friend,

If you’ve been desperately trying to hunt down a job or position that you’ve dreamed about but have been continually turned away by employers who annoyingly won’t consider you…or in some cases don’t even bother to tell you why you’re not suitable for the job…and you know it’s because of your poor typing skills

…then you’re probably at the end of your tether wondering what you have to do to get yourself ahead of other job applicants…and feel more confident and relaxed about applying for any job or position that requires a higher degree of typing speed and skill…If this is you, then you can relax.

This will be the most important letter you’ve ever read.

Here’s why…

My name is Ian Hewitt and I’ve been dedicated and responsible for many years in assisting people to find work by developing and improving their typing skills online with very quick results.

And I know for sure I can help you quickly and easily FREE yourself from the embarrassment and frustration of job rejection.

And in a minute I’ll tell you how you can make positive changes to your typing levels, your employment prospects a lot rosier and your employment future much more secure.

I’ll also show you just how very easily this can be achieved with long-lasting results. But first…

…Let me ask you

** Do you get uncomfortable at job interviews answering questions about your typing speed and ability? Do you get that sinking feeling when you know for sure that that interviewer is at some stage going to put you to the test to see if you’re really up to the mark?

** Do you feel envious of other people who beat you to jobs you have secretly desired, because they are more competent and skilled than you are?

Do you believe you’ve been cheated out of job chances by other more skilled typists who you know you could beat the pants off in a job interview if you could just increase your typing and keyboarding skills a fraction more?

** Do you know you could do a lot better in life if you had good, secure job prospects but have found it all to hard because you don’t know where to turn to improve your typing skills?

Do you have nagging self-doubts about ever being well paid, comfortable and happy in any job for a long period of time due to a lack of confidence in your ability to prove your worth in the workplace?

If this is you, then ask yourself: What would happen
if you could change this right now? Think about it…how would you feel?

You’d feel over the moon wouldn’t you? Well hold onto that feeling it will soon be yours for keeps.

So if you’re reading this letter, it means you want answers. You want to change, but there’s something getting in your way from getting the job you’ve always wanted and dreamed about.

The trouble is until today you never thought you could get any job that meant you had to show you could really type with speed, ease and accuracy…and you have to ask yourself why?

Maybe you’ve tried other kinds of offline and online typing tests and programs before without success. Maybe they haven’t measured up to your expectations to give you want you want – an excellent job!

Perhaps you’ve considered going to some sort of training course, either part-time or full-time and committing yourself to travel here and there a certain number of hours every week to sharpen your typing skills.

The problem is in the end you’ve realized it’s all too expensive and time consuming so you’ve given the idea the boot, because there’s no guarantee that it will be successful anyway.

…Or perhaps you may be hoping one day that your typing skills will naturally improve and that a job will drop out of the sky somewhere that will supply you with the right money, a better motor vehicle, better house, travel and a better lifestyle all around.

But wouldn’t you love to have the confidence in your typing and keyboarding skills right now without wasting heaps of time and money and start securing a future for yourself without all the hassles and worries of where your next dollar is coming from?

Yes I’d like to take my typing tests right now!

Your life and working prospects WILL get better I can assure of that…and it’s a lot easier than you think. And I’ll tell you how to exactly achieve this in a minute. But first, before I get ahead of myself let’s…

…step into the future for a minute…

Imagine climbing out of bed each morning knowing you don’t have to give an ounce of thought to your skill and competency to type with speed and accuracy.

You feel full of energy and zest for life knowing that any task that’s put in front of you at work each day is a push over.

Imagine being so good at your job because of your brilliant typing skills and your superiors are beginning to notice just how reliable and efficient you are at getting your work completed on time, so you’re in the box seat for any promotions with the business or company you work for – and that means more respect and income.

Or what about if you’ve just landed a fantastic job above a large number of other applicants and it was all based on your typing skills. Can you see it?

Imagine exactly what you’d feel like; imagine the tremendous benefits you’ll receive as an employee due to your new level of typing and keyboarding skill.

…Did you do it?

Did you imagine how your life could be? Could you see yourself experiencing all those things that you can have? That’s good if you did.

Because that’s exactly how your new working life could be. And it’s not a dream, fantasy, or mere wishful thinking. Not at all. You’ll soon realize that by simply learning to type efficientlyit’s your destiny and it’s all very easy to get started.

Yes, Please take me to my typing tests Now!

Break through into a confident and brighter new working future. A new future…

** Where you’ll feel more empowered and respected in the workplace.

** Where you’ll gain enormous power and confidence in any job interview.

** Where job opportunities that you never thought possible will come your way.

** Where your earning capacity will strengthen along with your everyday lifestyle.

** Where you’ll finally understand that for little effort, massive rewards are to be had through the simple skill of typing.

** Where you’ll never have to look over your shoulder again to see who’s watching due to your poor typing ability.

…as if by magic

This can be your new working reality…your new destiny. And it can begin right now.

I’d like to take the FREE typing tests right now!

So how can I say this with such confidence?

After owning and operating my very successful company Language Direct for many years, I decided it was time to bring all of the challenging, interesting and useful tools I had acquired within that operation to the Internet.

And so was launched;the very first online typing certification company in the world to offer instant testing for users to gain easy access to official, reliable and accurate typing certification and information.

We are often asked if our certificates conform to the highest is the answer....

Must list that it was a 5 minute typing test....YES (you choose 3 or 5 min)
Must have errors on certificate......YES
Must be signed by persons authorized to do such testing.....YES
Must list gross number of words typed per minute....YES
Must be dated....YES
Must be on testing agency's official letterhead or form....YES

The integrity of this world first educational resource site was my first priority…

While there have been a few copycats that have tried to duplicate the quality of only a few come close.

In reality they are watered down versions that don’t have the experience or resources to provide the right information or service to people who want to gain excellent typing qualifications.

Our tests are designed to duplicate real-life testing experiences to the tee. And is purely there to enhance the possibilities of genuine job seekers who want work immediately.

This means we are not interested in dumbing it down with cheap advertising and fancy bells and whistles that distract from it’s main purpose – to get you typing quickly and fast-track your employment prospects – your success is important too us. pays for itself with the minimal fees we charge when you take a test. Although we concede the fees are low we wanted to make it affordable to everyone who wants toimprove their typing skills.

Charging these low fees merely reinforces our commitment to the global community. We do this by making sure that every test is worth something to those who use this brilliant service

Each one of our well thought out and carefully constructed tests at offers you an incredibly valuable opportunity to show you what you know in terms of typing excellence.

And yes it’s official…

A printed certificate lets you display your level of expertise to friends, parents, teachers and most importantly employers. Our certificates are widely accepted by government and private/ corporate bodies.

And there’s no steep learning curve everything at is very simple to use as well as exciting and fun.

In fact, in one easy session you’ll notice an improvement in your typing instantly.

And I guarantee your success! (More about my outrageous guarantee later.)

Yes please I would like to start with my free practise tests now!


Thank you for the education, fun and information on your website it has helped me heaps.
--Marie Musall (age 28), Auckland, New Zealand


I actually got a job I was going for at the time I was using your site. I used your tutor stuff and it was very helpful. It’s a great idea.
--Jessica Kelman (age 54), Manchester, England.


So, if your sick and tired of being out of work, fed up missing out because your typing skills are not good enough…then…

Here Are 7 Compelling Reasons to choose
To stand out head and shoulders above others in the job cue.

Compelling Reason #1: We Provide you with the opportunity to earn a certificate with each paid test.

By taking your online typing test you will be officially certified according to your particular typing ability. For just $6.95 will automatically generate a certificate that you can print out showing your typing ability scores.

Following each test an email is sent to you with your scores and a link to the certificate. Your certificate will show your gross or uncorrected words per minute, as well as your accuracy and adjusted words-per-minute.

You can then forward this email to prospective employers and other interested persons.

Plus: gives you a detailed report that includes the length of the test, the completed time, the error count and the official words-per-minute.

For your convenience your typing certificate will on for 3 months after you’ve completed the test.

And here’s another great option. You may choose “Print Official Certificate”. This is a service we’re extremely proud of, and offer our clients the very reasonable price of $18.80 (which includes FREE Airmail delivery world-wide) you’ll receive a high-quality, full-color print of your typing certificate that will arrive within 6 days.

Remember: our certificates are well accepted by company and government employers. For government positions simply choose the 5-minute test.

Compelling Reason #2: Take the FREE practice test as many times as you like.

As part of our unique service we offer you unlimited FREE practice attempts for your typing test. That’s right, by trying our typing tests completely FREE you’ll see your results and receive a sample certificate.

When you use a FREE online typing test no one knows how you did on the test but you. What this does is eliminate all the pressure and it gives you a positive idea of how well you’ll score on an employer’s typing test.

Even if you think you are a good typist it’s a good idea to use our FREE typing test at just to make sure of your standing.

To get started simply set up a FREE account, log in, and start taking the FREE typing test. The FREE typing tests were developed to accommodate and reflect all the pressures associated with the job marketplace. So we’ll defiantly get you on the front foot when it counts.

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This is the best typing test I’ve ever taken. It is so helpful, and I love the free tests. These tests are also so much fun!
I got 42-words per-minute and 0 mistakes. Thank you so much.
-- Taura Golafshan (age 21), Ohio.

The test was awesome!! I loved it. Thank you for the customer service too
--Greg Parvin (age 19), Hobart, Tasmania.

Thank you for the free sample typing. This is a good way for people to check their skill and see if they would like to advance with your classes and other offers.
-- Polly Wong (age 55). Singapore


Compelling Reason #3: My Complete No Risks, Iron Clad, 100% Double Guarantee: If My Typing Tests Don’t Deliver You Don’t Pay A Cent!

100% Money- Back Double Guarantee
No One Dares To Guarantee Their Typing Certificates Will Be Accepted By Any Employer… But I Do!

FIRST: I guarantee that if you are not able to complete the testing, I will either credit you with bonus replacement typing tests or completely refund your money.

Plus, if for any reason at any point during the testing process you are not happy and decide to not proceed prior to receiving you typing certificate I will refund your money.

Free credits will also be given if technical difficulties are encountered like browser crashes.

SECOND Life Time Guarantee: In the unlikely event of your typing certificate issued by not being accepted by employers I will refund your money Immediately!

That goes to show how fully confidant we are in our ability to provide a top quality, efficient and unique typing testing site.

So if you are not happy for any reason at all you can still get a no questions asked, no risks cover on any testing we do. Now I couldn’t be fairer than that could I?


OK, I would like to begin free testing now

Compelling Reason #4: My Limited FREE eBook Offer!

My FREE LIMITED TIME eBOOK OFFER: For this month only, buy 4 tests at the incredibly low price of $12.90 and get the “10 Insider Secrets to Job Hunting Success – Everything You Need to Get the Job in 24 Hours or Less” Valued at $19.95!

This incredible resource means a lot to me but I thought it was only fair to offer it to you my valued client as way of saying thank you for doing business with me.

Please don’t miss out on this one it’s something I really want you to have for your future as a graduate member of

Compelling Reason #5: People Like You With Keyboarding Skills Are Never Going To Be Left Out In the Cold Because They Have Advanced Typing Ability.

Today most people use computers, and the typewriter has become a fixture in the corner of the mailroom in most places. But that doesn’t mean that typing skills are obsolete.

In fact, where typing speed and accuracy were once required only by administrative and clerical staff, almost every job today requires being able to use a computer keyboard accurately. And that makes typing test like ours more important than ever.

A typing test measures both the speed and accuracy of a typist under limited conditions. It’s not acceptable to be fast and sloppy, or slow and accurate. You have to be best at both…and we’ll get you there.

Compelling Reason #6:Special Offer For Corporate Users.

At present we are running a special offer for corporate users where if you order 34 tests at $118.15 then email me a notice of payment I will credit you a total of 50 tests at the outrageous value of $2.36 a test.

Simply sign up and choose a user name and password that you can supply to test takers. Upon completion they get a certificate that is automatically generated for printing.

They also get a copy of the score with a link to the certificate from an email address of your choosing. Now that’s a bargain in anyone’s language!

Compelling Reason #7: Gives You A True and Honest Assessment of Your Typing Ability.

If anything we are quite strict, so if you can type at 40 words-per-minute with us then you can certainly type at 40 words-per-minute. We believe you can probably type faster than that, as our test is difficult rather than easy, like some other online tests.

This is why we allow FREE practice tests before you pay one cent for your “official” test.

There have been others who have tried to mimic us because we were the first and most successful website in the world for developing and testing typing skills. And we believe there is still inly only one

We have been testing and certifying typists and keyboarders for companies and government employees for many years and will continue to lead the field.

I’ll go ahead and take the quick & easy FREE tests Now!


Cherie Smith (age 21), Ipswich. Qld -
I just wanted to thanks heaps for looking after me and giving more confidence in my typing skills. Although I didn’t quite get to 40 words-per-minutes for this new job, I went from 30 to 39. So thank you for the opportunity. .

Susan B (age 39), Florida-
Thank you Ian for your excellent customer service, I’m a devout advocate.

*Full Name not use as a privacy measure for this client.


Here’s Who Shouldn’t Register

* If you’re not willing to change your attitude to finding a job immediately and step into a brighter future, then I can’t help you.

* If you have a closed mind and you are already thinking, “this won’t work for me” then please don’t register…you’re just taking someone’s spot who wants our assistance.

* If you want the cheapest service you can get and pay the lowest possible price to change your employment potential, then please don’t register, We work with people who respect our ability to instantly improve their typing skills and are willing to pay the small amount we charge to see that happen!

However if you’re a person who wants the best and who is willing to let us help you dramatically upgrade your typing and keyboarding skills then I urge you to register right now.

That sounds great I’d like to take the free test Now!

Remember there are unlimited FREE tests and loads of FREE tutorial typing games and learning materials available so you can improve your typing skills quickly and easily in a fun and exciting way before you even pay one cent! And your certificate is completely…Guaranteed!

Why settle for anything less than a truly rewarding life?

With great typing and keyboarding skills the world can be your oyster…and you’ll have your cake and eat it too.

And what’s better, the change and development is fast and for a lifetime…with only a little effort on your behalf.

There’s absolutely no reason why you should keep struggling and suffering the disappointment of missing out on employment.

You know there is so much more to this life of yours. While you linger without improving your abilities you’re only “half living” and you’re missing out on all the good things that should be yours.

You don’t have to go on banging your head against a brick wall and missing out on work opportunities because you can’t type with the efficiency you desire.

If you don’t make a stand right now nothing, absolutely nothing will change.

If everything were sweet and rosy in your life and money poured in out of nowhere you wouldn’t be reading this letter. So you have taken the first step…and first step is awareness.

You’ve acknowledged that you need to improve your keyboarding and typing skills to get work and I admire you for your courage.

The next step is action…

I agree please test me right now!

Whatever it is that you want, whether you want a promotion or a new job to bring in regular income that’s been missing in your life…you will greatly improve your opportunities and horizons…with my unique typing and keyboarding skills and development online site.

Become the person you want to be!

Experience the thrill of actually getting your typing skills up to speed and accuracy and landing that new job or promotion because you’ve impressed your employer. The rewards are waiting for you.

I look forward to you joining me and so many of my satisfied members at

Warm Regards,

P.S. Remember your Typing Certificate is full guaranteed, so if for some unusual reason an employer does not accept it you don’t risk one cent. That’s how confident I am that you’ll be happy with your results.

P.P.S. And please don’s forget my FREE LIMITED TIME eBOOK OFFER: For this month only, buy 4 tests at the incredibly low price of $12.95 and get the “10 Insider Secrets to Job Hunting Success – Everything You Need to Get the Job in 24 Hours or Less” Valued at $19.95!

P.P.P.S. For corporate users please usually order in multiples of our FOUR tests for $14.75 , you only pay $3.48 each to remote test your candidates.

However this month, just sign up and email us for 5 FREE credits to test our system!