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I am Kenneth Todd and my comments are : I just have a question for you.
I am thinking about taking the cerified test around Monday night before a job interview on Tuesday. My question to you is, if I did the typing certificate thing and if the employer was to not accept this certificate, then how do we go about getting my money back if that was to happen. Do I have to have them fill out a form or something. I am sure that there would be some way that I would have to prove that, this happened to me. I am not saying that it would but I am just trying to cover myself too. I would hate to lose out on being able to get a refund if this happened because I did not take the proper steps to cover myself too. I would appreciate a response on this. Thank you very much. 

Hi Kenneth, yes, you would just contact me (with user name and if you paid with PayPal or 2CO) and let me know name of company and phone number. We immediately refund your money. Then later and anonymously, we contact them and find out their typing test policy.

I am Satinder and my comments are : i have question. i need to take typing test but below are the requirements that i need to have on certificate. do you guys have this.
certificate or signed statement needs to include below
Q1). That i took 5 mins typing test

You can choose a 5 min test.

Q2).My score in gross speed,number of error,and net speed

A2) Yes, all included...

Q3). Date of exam

A3) Included

Q4) Signature of staff veryfying the results of exam

A4) All certificates are signed by IE Hewitt as Auditor and M Sharp as Analyst

I am Sherry Kluxdal and my comments are : Hello,
I have a question ... Why would an employer accept a printed certificate from a test generated on your site when it would be simple enough to have someone with better typing skills take the test for the applicant?

If you are dishonest enough and find another as dishonest as that, then you could cheat, but what good would that do if you got the job? You would be found out eventually, so no point. 
Also, like other online certification, we feel the use of credit card (that matches the test takers name) as pretty reasonable proof that it is the credit card owner who took the test. 

What are the subjects of the tests and can I choose which I get?

The tests are chosen at random so there is a variety and are not likely to be memorized. The sujects are as follows...

Business Plan

Earth History

Harry Potter 


Planet Pluto 


Sherlock Holmes



Hi. I was just wondering if your certificate is recognizable up in Canada? 
I need to have a typing certification for the Royal Canadian Mounted 
Police and was not wanting to have to hit up a college. 

Hmm, you need to ask them really. The police always want a 5 min test which we do. But they sometimes insist on the test being "supervised" which means someone watches the test, which we don't provide. 

You may suggest that you do the test in their office while they watch. 




Hi, should I use one space or two after a period?


These days it is accepted that just one space is used after a period. 


Hi Darren, 

Is your typing certificate / test created using Mavis Beacon software?
If so, does it state that on the certificate?

**No, it has nothing to do with Mavis Beacon other than we suggest it is 
great typing software and recommend it. . 




(Q)I have just finished two certification typing tests.  I printed two of them, which is required for an appointment I have.  This appointment says minimun required wpm of 45, which I met but "after" errors, the certificate says uncorrected.  Does this mean this certificate would not be valid for what I am needing?

-diane white


Relax, it has been corrected, all that matters is the NET score, you typed at 55WPM which is very good. 
You can tell any employer to email me about you certificate and we can verify your score. Or even show them this email if needed. 
See copy of certificate attached.

Cheers Ian


You’re awesome!  I tried to leave a positive comment on your website, but did not find a customer testimonial section.
Thanks so much!
--Tracie S

Thanks Tracie, glad we could help ; )
Cheers Ian


Is this recognized in Canada? If you are saying it is, and I don't get recognition from the Police department or government offices, then do you reimburse my fee? Do I need them to sign something saying it is not valid in Canada to get a reimbursement? Thank you, Michelle

Hi Michele, 

If you get the self print option and it is not accepted we refund. They don't have to sign anything we just need details of who 
did not accept it. However, better to ask them as Police often do not accept unsupervised tests. 
Also, sometimes if you show them this,  they may accept ours but not others. 

See Standard No.2708/2001