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Article - Typing Master Pro Typing Software To Downlaod

What if you could write your emails and reports with ease and in half the time? Learn to touch type and you can! 

With TypingMaster typing tutor, you can learn to type fast without errors and save dozens of valuable working hours every year. Better typing will help you get things done! 

TypingMaster's extensive, clearly structured study material covers the basics of touch typing, the numeric keypad, special marks and tips on ergonomics. Learning is supported by multi-form exercises, including graphical keyboard drills, timed texts, games and personalized review exercises. 

TypingMaster Pro's optimal learning features adjust training to your personal progress at every stage. Weak spots are pinpointed and rapidly eliminated with additional exercises. Thanks to this personal approach you can put your new skills into action after only 3 to 5 hours of training. 
TypingMaster Pro with Satellite is available at a special bundle price,click here to order and download.